KOTORITO consists of three Japanese Kanji characters. Ko(h) = 香 for Kohgetsu Aoki (vocalist), Tori = 鳥 for Yumi Torimaru (Taiko/ Tsugaru Shamisen/ Shinobue (bamboo flute), and Ito = 絃 for Eri Muroi’s instruments’ (Koto/ Shamisen) string. Kotorito’s repertoires are from Japan, from North (Hokkaido) to South (Okinawa), from Old to New including our own original compositions.


Yumi torimaru

A founder/ director of Takohachi. Please see her bio in ‘Yumi Torimaru’ page.


Kohgetsu aoki

Koh learnt Japanese folk song, called Minyo from her grandma when she was little in Hokkaido where she grew up. She was accepted an apprenticeship with a professional Minyo singer, Chigusa Takehana in Kanagawa, Japan in 2016. She has been taking Skype lessons from her teacher regularly to learn authentic Minyo.


eri muroi

Eri graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, and studied at NHK (Japanese National Broadcasting Company) school for performers of traditional Japanese music. Eri is a certified instructor for Koto and jiuta-Shamisen from one of the biggest Koto institute, Miyagi Association.

KOTORITO At Portland Japanese Garden

KOTORITO At Portland Japanese Garden

Copyrights © 2015 All Rights Reserved by Takohachi.

Copyrights © 2015 All Rights Reserved by Takohachi.