Yumi Torimaru is the founder, artistic director and a core performer of Takohachi. With hundreds of performances in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Tokyo, Japan over 10 years, she continues studying Japanese music; Taiko drums, Tsugaru Shamisen and Shinobue (Bamboo Flute). In 2018, she has begun solo performances to explore music possibilities with her three hearts (Taiko, Shinobue and Tsugaru Shamisen), and to collaborate with other musicians and artists. 

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Yumi started Taiko in 2001 with Portland Taiko. In 2007 she founded her own NPO, Takohachi to serve community. She is interested in learning Festival pieces from Japan, and also composing some original songs. 



Yumi has self-taught Shinobue (bamboo flute) for accompanying some Taiko songs. She has composed several Taiko songs featuring Shinobue duet, and also made shinobue arrangements with many minyo (Japanese folk music) songs. Now she is seeking new possibilies with Shinobue music!

In 2018, she has entered “Internet Shinobue Contest” and received a special award to perform for Shinobue Fest 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. She performed her original composition, ‘Sora no Tori"‘ in Tokyo in December 2018!


Tsugaru shamisen

Yumi has started learning Tsugaru Shamisen under Ryuhiro Kai (Oyama school) with a shamisen master, Ryuhiro Oyama in 2016. She fell in love with this challenging instrument and is very enthusiastic about learning more. She has received Natori title as “Kotori Oyama” in 2019. (photo credit: Arian Hormozi)

Copyrights © 2015 All Rights Reserved by Takohachi.

Copyrights © 2015 All Rights Reserved by Takohachi.