Portlands Traditional Japanese Drum & Dance Ensemble


Educate and Entertain. Takohachi was founded in 2007 as a non-profit organization to preserve traditional Japanese music and dance. Takohachi seeks to educate and entertain as we perform throughout the Portland area at schools, festivals and cultural events.


We are proud to present our work in and around the Portland area. Our repertoire includes songs in the modern Kumi Daiko style, popular amongst Taiko troupes in the US, as well as many songs in the traditional Dentou Geinou style of ancient Japan. This strong presence of traditional style Taiko is what makes Takohachi so unique amongst American Taiko troupes.


We believe that our time spent volunteering and performing brings forth a true sense of the Japanese spirit. For fellow Japanese expatriates, this can mean feeling a sense of home in a new home. For the inexperienced this can mean discovery of a new and beautiful part of world they didn’t know of before.
It is our wish to progress and keep improving our work, with new dances, powerful drumming and continued spirit.

Flavor of Japan Project 2019

Takohachi practices 温故知新(Onkochishin) meaning “Developing new ideas based on study of the past”. We learn more traditional Japanese music and dance directly from Japan. Yumi has been taking regular Skype lessons from Master Ryuhiro Oyama (Tsugaru Shamisen - OyamaKai), and Junko and Koh are taking Skype Singing lessons from Chigusa Takehana (Minyo Singer). What we learn from our teachers has been directly influencing our performances since the beginning of Master-disciple relationships in 2016. We have more traditional folk songs and dances as our repertoires.

Yumi has been composing many new original songs inspired by the teachers and those traditional style music. As a significant achievement, Yumi and her master, Ryuhiro Oyama had performed one of her newest songs, ‘Sora no Tori’ in Tokyo, Japan at Shinobue Festa 2018. Collaboration is one of the ways to create something new. Takohachi and Yumi have been collaborating with other musicians and artists in different field to show unique flavor of Japan.

Copyrights © 2015 All Rights Reserved by Takohachi.

Copyrights © 2015 All Rights Reserved by Takohachi.