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[TAKOHACHI] Flavor Of Japan in Portland Concert

The city of Portland is becoming popular for its quirky and trendy traits, and welcoming many tourists and new residents. However, it is very hard to say that the city is welcoming to other cultures. Budget cut for art and music has been an issue in many schools, and many traditional music groups refrain from coming perform due to the inflation in town. The flavor of Japan in Portland will be held at Director Park, an open piazza focusing on arts and culture in the heart of Downtown Portland. This stage show will present traditional music from Japan, and new music/art collaborations created locally. It will bring forth a true sense of the Japanese spirit. For fellow Japanese expatriates, this can mean feeling a sense of home in a new home. For the inexperienced this can mean discovery of a new and beautiful part of world they didn’t know of before. This event should encourage other cultural communities to show their culture. Then, Portland will be filled with cultural richness.


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Copyrights © 2015 All Rights Reserved by Takohachi.

Copyrights © 2015 All Rights Reserved by Takohachi.